Hello, World

It really couldn’t be a technical blog unless the first post was “Hello World”. While I do plan on including a lot of other types of content on KiloLoco.com like links to my YouTube tutorials and coding courses, this site will also consist of a variety of blog posts.

At the moment, I’m not entirely sure what kinds of content I'll be posting, but I do know everything will be developer-related. Sorry, no posts about pets here 😛

I would like to start off by doing what I know; tutorials that show devs how to do code related things. Up until this point on YouTube, I have focused primarily on iOS development, but as a Developer Advocate at AWS, I am also learning many new technologies that deal with many areas revolving around the infrastructure of mobile apps.

My plan is to use this medium as a way to document my learning process on topics both big and small, then package it into easy to consume articles that can help you.

Just like technology itself, I’m sure that the content will change (hopefully for the better 😉) and the blog will eventually establish a baseline as to what topics should and shouldn't be included on this site. In the mean time, I will be posting everything that I think others will find useful.

So make sure you bookmark this site and also follow me on Twitter @Kilo_Loco so you can be updated whenever I release some new content.

I have a feeling that we will be coding passionately quite a bit 😉

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