A Comprehensive Guide to Capturing and Storing Audio Files with AWS Amplify Storage on iOS Using SwiftUI

How to get up and running with AWS Amplify Storage with audio files

How to Display Images from AWS Amplify Storage on iOS Using AmplifyImage and SwiftUI

How to get up and running with AWS Amplify Storage and AmplifyImage to display images in SwiftUI

Getting Started with AWS Amplify Storage on macOS: A Step-by-Step Guide for iOS and macOS Developers

How to get up and running with AWS Amplify Storage on macOS

Up and Running with AWS Amplify Libraries for Swift

How to get up and running with AWS Amplify Libraries for Swift on iOS and macOS.

Navigation Basics for SwiftUI on macOS

How to implement navigation with SwiftUI on macOS using NavigationSplitView.

Chaining Operations in Swift with FlatMap

How to chain multiple operations together using Apple's Combine in Swift with AWS Amplify examples.

Upload Files to Amazon S3 from Android

How to upload and download images to and from Amazon S3 with an Android app using Jetpack Compose and AWS Amplify.

Take Pictures with CameraX in Jetpack Compose

How to use the Camera in a Jetpack Compose project using CameraX and Coil.

Getting Device Location on iOS

How to obtain the user/device location using CoreLocation, Combine, and SwiftUI on iOS.

Publishing Updates Using Protocols with Combine on iOS

Using @Published variables with protocols in Swift.

Open Source your AWS Amplify Project in 3 Steps

How to open source your AWS Amplify project.

Uploading Files from iOS to Amazon S3

Upload files to Amazon S3 using AWS Amplify for iOS.

Adding and Updating Swift Package Products with Xcode

Adding/Updating the package products of Swift Packages once added to your iOS project in Xcode.

Using Decodable with Dynamic Values in Swift

Using Decodable to decode dynamic JSON values in Swift.

Decoupling Dependencies in Swift

Decoupling third-party dependencies from your code into modules for reusability, flexibility, and testability.

Migrating Asynchronous Code to Combine

An example of how to take some of the most common use cases of asynchronous code like callbacks and delegates, and migrate them to a Swift Combine implementation.

Passing Data with Safe Args using Android Jetpack

Pass data between fragments using safe args in your nav graph with Android Jetpack.

AWS Amplify Auth Web UI on iOS

Create a web-based auth flow using AWS Amplify Authentication on iOS.

Dependency Injection via Property Wrappers

A look at how property wrappers can make dependency injection very simple.

From Master to Main

A perspective of why the tech industry should welcome the primary branch name change from "master" to "main", and how to do it.

Amplify iOS Project Setup

A quick start reference guide to setting up an iOS project with the AWS Amplify Libraries.

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